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Hello, My name is Coach Josh Hill.  My Family and I moved to Cedar City 7 years ago from Las Vegas. I have a Sixteen year old son that has been playing Lacrosse since he was four years old and was really disappointed when he found out that there was no lacrosse in Cedar City. 

As any good father and coach would do, I took up the task with the help of my wife Kristie to start and build Iron County Lacrosse league . 

I have coached lacrosse in Las Vegas/Utah for over 16 years from K-8 grade and at high school levels. I have helped develop the first youth lacrosse (K-8) with a good friend in Las Vegas (EQL) and now I want to bring my experience of coaching "the fastest sport on two feet" to Cedar City. 

This last year we have reached a big goal set from the beginning. To have lacrosse at the High School level. This last year it came true, with the help of my good friend Coach Nik Johnson (been playing and coaching for over 25+) with a lot of hard work and help from our local families, we have built Cedar High and Canyon View High Lacrosse teams. That now have Clubs for High School and middle school, Cedar Lacrosse Club and Canyon View Lacrosse Club. We are looking forward to the future of lacrosse in the great state of Utah. From High School (region 9, 4A) to Middle School and elementary programs both for Boy's and Girl's. 

In the 2019/2020 season, The State of Utah has made Lacrosse a sanitation sport. This is a great sport for the whole family to love and be a part of. My family and I are very excited to share and teach lacrosse to you and your families.


So please sign up and helps us bring the fastest growing team sport to Cedar City. 

Thank you, Coach Joshua Hill


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